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Here at Live to Throw Nova, I’m all about enhancing the skills of the athlete. To help you navigate through this website, you can obtain an overview here.

I coach multiple events and provide personal training services:

  • Throws Coaching consists of training related to the javelin, shot put, discus and hammer.
  • Personal training allows us to work 1:1 to increase your endurance and strength.
  • Sprint training is useful for athletes that participate in running events, from the 100 meter sprint to longer distances such as the mile run.
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Glad you’re here!


Coach Dan has been a really big help for me. Personally it was a great experience, he was honest and truthful, had the patients to teach you until you mastered that specific step. Coach Dan made a huge impact on me. I learned so much in such little time. i strongly recommend Coach Dan to anyone who is interested in learned to throw javelin. You will improve in so many ways. – Kyle

Big Help

I have been training with Coach Daniel for about two months. Before I left a review, I wanted to have a solid understanding of his coaching method and approach. I have never left a review for anything, but this was important in my decision making. Coach Daniel is very professional and he does his job well. He is super energetic, and LOVES everything about javelin, shot put and discus. His love and passion shows, each time we have met to train. He is punctual, outgoing and ready to have a great day. He is a technical perfectionist. He makes sure you know (and master) that skill component before moving on to the next skill. He is a people person and cares about each of his Athletes. Daniel one of the best Coaches I have had the experience of knowing and working with. I have had the pleasure of working with many Track and Field Coaches over the years. I have been very impressed with Coach Daniel. – Penny

He loves the throws!

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